Every spring, we organize auditions for both choirs for children interested in singing, music, shows and teamwork:
• Les Petits Chanteurs de Laval targets boys from grades 2-4 and grade 1 boys for the Schola group;
• Les Voix Boréales targets girls from grades 3-4.

After an initiation period to music and to teamwork, the young choristers are invited to participate in our Summer Music Camp and eventually to the choirs’ official performances.


Our young choristers work and learn with a group of remarkable musicians and pedagogues that introduce them to the basics of rhythm, melody, musical theory with a special focus on developing their musical ear and their natural musical talent.

All means are considered to promote the love and art of music; our educators don’t hesitate to include dance, theatre and improvisation in the choristers’ performances.




 A word from our Musical Director

To experience being a chorister in any of our choirs is an exceptional feeling. Obviously, the musical and vocal education is interesting and stimulating but there is a magic that is conveyed throughout this adventure of bringing young people of different age groups to sing together in a warm and happy atmosphere and to have the teams perform in front of a wide variety of audiences in Quebec, in Canada and abroad. This is what makes it such a wonderful experience.

Philippe Ostiguy, Musical and Artistic Director


 More than rehearsals and concerts

Beyond an initiation to musical theory, the choral chant, raised voice, musical reading, our young choristers acquire and integrate behaviours and values that encourage discipline, attendance, respect, gratitude, a sense of effort, friendship, a sense of belonging and solidarity.




 Admissions Criteria

• To be in either Grades 1, 2, 3 or 4;

• To pass an audition (prior musical experience is useful but not necessary);

• To be available a few hours per week;

• To prepare 2 songs : Brother John and the child’s choice of another song;

• Fournir une photocopie du bulletin scolaire ;

• Provide a school picture;

• Pay 20$ for the audition fee.


 Why become a chorister with us?

“Because we have a lot of fun doing a variety of activities that few young people our age have a chance to experience.”
— Frédéric Latulippe, chorister

“Because our children have a chance of having a choir director, as a model, who knows how to instill in them a desire to go beyond their limits.”
— Jacques Normandeau, father of a chorister

“Because a young chorister will always keep as a gift the capacity to appreciate a wide diversity of musical types for the rest of their life; it’s a wonderful cultural awakening.”
— Andrée Beauséjour, resp. Voix Boréales Junior section.




 A family activity

Parents can take an active part in the activities of their children, either by becoming choristers themselves, or by becoming a volunteer in a role of their choice within a wide variety of roles available.

There are also several activities during the year where punctual help is required to support celebrations, the welcoming of foreign choirs, fundraising events, etc.

An adult choir comprised of parents of our choristers (the I Coristi choir) also recruits.



Call us at 514-583-6508 or write us at auditions@singsing.ca. A volunteer will be happy to call you back to answer your questions and set-up an appointment for an audition.

Our rehearsal centre is located at 430, 5th Street in Laval, near the first exit on Highway 15 (Cartier exit #7) – click here to see map.